If you have a single type of waste to dispose of we’ve got a range of skips for hire at a flat rate.

Eco Care Skip Bins is committed to the responsible disposal of waste so it’s essential you use your hire skip for the disposal of ONE of the following types of waste:

  • Bricks OR
  • Pebbles and rocks OR
  • Roof and floor tiles OR
  • Concrete or
  • You cannot dispose of these items:
  • General, green or Excavation Waste
  • Palm trees and fronds and soil with turf attached
  • Hazardous materials like asbestos, insulation, liquids, empty chemical containers, food, wet paint etc.
  • Sand, Soil, Clay or dirt
  • NO Mixed materials of any sort
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  1. For the quote form, please update the types of waste. Still keep the booking form hidden for now, there are still more changes we need to make to this. Here are the descriptions that you should enter for each bin size;
3.5m3  This bin can fit almost anywhere.  Perfect for quick clean ups. Available to hold all types of materials.
General waste
4m3 This walk in bin is great for household, garden or domestic waste such as wood, garden clippings, plaster, furniture, trees. A door on this mini bins makes access easy.
4m3 Heavy Bin
A walk in bin great for all types of waste. Bricks, dirt, concrete, sand, tiles can be placed in these bins along with other items such as timber, plaster, furtiture, household items.
6m3 General waste
A walk in bin great for all types of general waste. Very popular for household clean ups that have furniture or white goods to dispose of. Weight  Limits apply to the amount of heavy materials can be placed in this skip bin
8m3 These walk in bins can take all wood, timber, household, furniture, garden waste materials. Due to weight restrictions, NO Bricks, dirt, concrete, sand, tiles to be placed in this bin.