Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Skip

Whether you are planning to have a major renovation or just a simple spring cleaning at home, it is very important to consider proper waste management beforehand. These days, more and more people are hiring skips because of the convenience that it offers. Skips are basically heavy duty open top bins that you rent and fill with stuff that you want to get rid of. Once you’re done filling it with your trash, the skip hire company will take care of the collection as well as the disposal. In short, all you have to do is to fill your bin with trash. It’s as simple as that. As you can see, hiring a skip is easy and very convenient, however, there are things that you have to know before talking to your skip hire company to avoid hassles and unnecessary inconvenience. Here are some of them.

1. Determine what size of skip you are going to need. This is probably the most important and the most crucial decision prior to hiring a skip. As an advice, it is best to give a small allowance by hiring a size bigger than you think you need. Yes, it would cost you a bit more, but it would definitely spare you from the inconvenience if your stuff doesn’t fit into your rented skip. Take note that you are not allowed to over-fill your skip as an overloaded skip would make the load unbalanced and unsafe to transport.

2. Determine where you’ll place the skip on your property. Take note that once you have your skip filled up, it is impossible for you to lift it or move it to another place. Also, if you are planning to put the skip along public property such as the side of the road, you need to request for a permit from your local council. This takes time though so you might have to prepare this beforehand.

3. Know what things you should not put in the skip. Unknown to many, there are things forbidden in the skip. You cannot put stuff like televisions, laptops, computer monitors, batteries, electronic items, chemicals, freezers and other hazardous wastes. If in doubt, you might have to discuss this first to your skip hire company to prevent inconvenience once your bin is ready for collection.

To wrap up, if you want a simple way to get rid of your trash from your spring cleaning or home renovation, hiring a skip is the way to go. It’s affordable, it’s safe and best of all, it’s so convenient.