Elevate the skip bin.

If you’re concerned about the bin scratching your driveway, put the bin on planks of wood. You can also do the same if the bin is to be placed on grass. Generally if the bin is slightly elevated it will not kill the grass.

Place the skip bin on your property.

Avoid placing the bin on the street where possible. This will save you needless time and expense obtaining a council permit, attracting a fine, or other people placing their rubbish in your bin.

Check whether you need a Council permit.

In certain suburbs, a council permit may be required for the placement of the bin on a nature strip. If you are unsure, please call us directly on 03 5987 3737 and we will assist you.

Ask what size skip bin you need.

We have a variety of bin sizes that suit different needs and requirements. Call us today to chat about your waste removal needs and we will be happy to recommend a skip bin that suits.

Have you thought of getting two skip bins for your waste?

Instead of getting one medium or large bin, consider getting 2 smaller bins. This way you can segregate
your waste which often works out cheaper for you.

Do not fill the skip bin with any hazardous waste

Don’t put any hazardous waste in bins. Also no wet/liquid paint, asbestos, food scraps, oils, contaminated soil, flammable or toxic materials, batteries. If you have any of these items and need help disposing of them call us and we will help to guide you.

Avoid over-filling the skip bin.

Do not overfill the bin beyond the height of the bin (nothing is to stick out above the bin). Overloaded rubbish will be left with you and council will hold you responsible for it and you may be fined.